Meetings and Events

The Society holds a general meeting every two months (normally on the second Saturday of the month) where an invited speaker provides a presentation on an aspect of local or general history for the interest of members.
Meetings are open to visitors and include afternoon tea.
Meetings are held in the Local History Room of the Schwerkolt Cottage & Museum Complex and commence at 1pm.
Visitors are welcome.


Saturday, 3 June
1.00pm General Meeting
Evie and Hardy Kielnhofer – The Uplands: A Grand Estate of Vermont

The history of ‘The Uplands’ property in Vermont located at the corner of Canterbury and Terrara Road from 1869 to 1968 and interesting lives of its various owners; among them selector William Morton, the Bishop family and Dr. Frank Stephens, for whom the reserve is named.

Saturday, 12 August
1.00pm General Meeting
Dr Gerry Robinson – 100 years of Heathmont

The how and why of Heathmont, from the earliest days of its settlement, through the last century and up to its present-day aspect.