Meetings and Events

The Society holds a general meeting every two months (normally on the second Saturday of the month) where an invited speaker provides a presentation on an aspect of local or general history for the interest of members.
Meetings are open to visitors and include afternoon tea.
Meetings are held in the Local History Room of the Schwerkolt Cottage & Museum Complex and commence at 1pm.
Visitors are welcome.


Saturday, 10 December
1.00pm General Meeting
Dr Gary Presland – Corranderrk Station

The story of Coranderrk is multi-faceted: it tells of the changing relationships between the Kulin nation and European administrators, of Aboriginal connection to country and their on-going efforts to maintain that connection and determine their own lives. The Coranderrk mission was established in December 1862 and endured until the mid-1920s. It remains as one of the most important post-contact Aboriginal places in Victoria.