July-August 2019

At the 2018 Planning meeting it was agreed that the storage of the collection needed reorganisation. A compactus was considered and discarded. Read More

May-June 2019

The story on the cover of our last newsletter drew a number of interested comments from readers, one of whom discovered the following article on TROVE. Read More

March-April 2019

When reading old newspapers, it is fascinating to discover what was considered news at the time and how it was written. Read More

January-February 2019

It’s back to school again. Teachers who think they have it tough these days should spare a thought for their colleagues of yesteryear. Read More

November-December 2018

“Better for her not to know,” they told my parents in 1946. I was adopted into a loving family and have lived a most fortunate and privileged life. Read More

September-October 2018

Despite a somewhat foreboding weather forecast just over 800 people came along and enjoyed a cool but sunny day of fun for all the family. Read More

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